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Laura del Conte was born into a cosmopolitan family in Germany . One grandfather originally had settled from the northwest of Poland (City Lodz) , another part of the family from the south, near Munich. Northern tradition and discipline meets southern temperament. Both characteristics are reflected in the development of her artistical career. Her father opened her the way to the music. When she was 5 years old, she started with accordion lessons and she finished with the highest masterclass level.She sang in diverse chorus , later she founded a band during her student time and finished her studies successfully and started her business as a chief leader of a pharmacy.


But as well her roots, she is a combination of straightness and a crazy kind of spontaneity. These qualities were at least responsible for her discovery as a singer. A famous Italian artist of the Italo pop scene invited her in his concert to sing with him on the stage. She did it without any hesitation ..... the result: a frenetic audition and an incredible applause for this standup performance!!!


In the following time , she was requested for several events and she started to get a kind of fan base even in the Netherlands. But still just known by insider music fans. They called her „ the voice of the rhine region“. Professional musicians of famous musicals in Germany (STARLIGHTEXPRESS, TABALUGA) recognized this new talent and invited her to their new band project with English soul music. Parallely she started with professional singing lessions with one of the most reputable teachers from Prague, Prof Kaca , who already worked with LUCIANO PAVAROTTI and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. She was teached in classical music and pop singing for two and a half years.


And a few months later she was introduced to the international Italo Superstar FRANCESCO NAPOLI , He invited her to his studio and made a vocal screening... and he started at once several projects for his new album ESISTERE- LE MIE EMOZIONI. That was incredible !!! They recorded in Berlin, Düsseldorf and London and for more than two years before having finished the studio album successfully. The highly awarded Italian singer was not only convinced about her talent, but also very impressed by her Italian pronunciation . With a very emotional and characteristical voice. A perfect symbiosis. And last but not least her Italian look and southern appearance were an important underliner for this concept. Through his experience and perfectionism in the showbiz , she could extend her qualities in singing and performing.

The artist Laura del Conte  was born.

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Francesco Napoli & Laura del Conte

Baciami (released 2011)




Una Notte Italiana

Lucky Feeling


Christmas & Love


A Night Like This

Francesco Napoli & Laura del Conte

Christmas & Love (released 2012)



Chica Chica

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